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Steam turbine pilot valve drive

Steam turbine pilot valve drive

During modernization of automatic load frequency control system for large turbogenerating sets, it is often expedient to upgrade hydraulic gain circuit and not to demonstrate the whole main hydraulic servo motor. Solution on using Exlar electro-mechanical drive excludes completely the problem of the pilot valve spool jamming and the problem of the worn out mechanical feedback, as well as increases considerably the control accuracy and ensures proper servo motor transition upon dynamic control.
Привод пилотного клапана подачи пара на турбинах

Main advantages

  • Positioning accuracy - 1 micron
  • Full valve closure time - up to 30 milliseconds
  • Installation simplicity upon turbogenerating set modernisation
  • Ease of operation (maintenance once per 2 years, one electric actuator maintenance time - 1 hour (including assembling/disassembling))

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