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Steam turbine direct valve drive

Steam turbine direct valve drive

The use of electro-mechanical drives for control of main turbine valve with complete hydraulic part replacement considerably accelerates the upgrade process, as well as increases control system reliability and fail-safety. The customer obtains a possibility of real-time diagnostics of the drive itself and the valve wear by increased current consumption.

Implementation peculiarities
  • Simplicity of mechanical installation
  • Fast commissioning (simple and convenient cable routing)

Control peculiarities
  • High positioning accuracy (up to 1 micron)
  • High displacement dynamics (full valve closure is possible within 100 milliseconds)
  • Maintaining of turbine speed with high accuracy
  • Easy connection to Woodward, Honeywell turbine controllers etc.
  • Convenient and simple setup software in the Russian language

Operation peculiarities
  • Maintenance once per 1.5 - 2 years (upon proper calculation and selection of electric actuators by “Progressive Technologies” Group experts)
  • Routine maintenance time - not more than 2 hours per 1 drive

  • 1 and 2 zone explosion-proof design (customs union certificates and permits)
  • Possibility to have fully redundant  solution with two feedback sensors, two stators and other necessary mechanical and electrical parts
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