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Motion simulator

Motion simulator

In marine fleet and aviation equipment is greatly influenced by space orientation. To test such equipment special bench is required which simulates motion with predefined frequency and amplitude.

Group of companies «Progressive Technologies» will help you automate the test bench and receive the maximum consistent results of the experiment.

Modern motion simulator includes:
  • linear servoactuator (hydraulic or electric actuator);
  • hydrosystem (if hydraulic drive is used);
  • control system;
  • information display, record, storage and processing system.

Our experts expertise will help you create a unique bench for studying of equipment operation in the presence of motion:
  • large allowable weight of test item;
  • wide motion frequency range;
  • complicated kinematic motion schemes;
  • highest positioning accuracy;
  • simplicity of setup and operation;
  • personnel safety;
  • intelligent and accurate implementation.
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