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Direct electric drive of wicket gate for small-scale HPP

Electric actuators for direct control of guide vanes for small-scale hydropower plants


Modern electro-mechanical drives may replace completely traditional hydraulic servo motors of small HPP guide vanes.

Area of application:

Electric actuators are applied for modernization of hydraulic drives of centrifugal turbines (Francis turbines) guide vanes with capacity of up to 15 MW.

  • Rod force: up to 40 tf
  • Operating rod travel: up to 600 mm
  • Rod speed: up to 80 mm/s

Implementation peculiarities:

  • Design engineering convenience
  • Fast commissioning
  • compatibility with any control system

Main advantages:

  • High control accuracy
  • Mechanical and electrical duplication
  • System is oil free, highest environmental friendliness
  • Enhancement of control system overall reliability;
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • (grease relubrication: once per 3 years)
  • Service life: 40 years
  • Low power consumption, high effectiveness factor of drive


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