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Electric actuators for sluices

Electric actuator for ship locks paddles

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Electric actuators for ship locks represent special electro-mechanical actuators designed in view of peculiarities of operation at locks. European experience of electric actuators application as actuating mechanisms for lock paddles handling counts over 30 years of successful operation.

Area of application:

  • applied for handling of the following types of paddles:
    - double-leaf gates
    - lift-up gates
    - gallery gates
    - segment gates
    - flap gates
    - rolling gates
    - slide valves 
  • replacement of outworn mechanisms and hydraulic drives
  • mechanical stiffness is similar to hydraulic drive
  • operating electric actuator rod travel: up to 8 mm
  • Rod force: up to 160 tf 

Construction peculiarities:

  • for protection of mechanical transmission against flow vibration and “shocking” impact loads active damper is used
  • hermetic housing and special seals
  • ceramic rod coating
  • corrosion-resistant housing coating

Main advantages:

  • design engineering convenience
  • fast commissioning
  • service life: 40 years
  • capability of carrying multiple static and impact loads
  • highest-level reliability
  • standard operation at minus temperatures down to -45ºС
  • minimal maintenance (visual examination: once per year, grease relubrication: once per 10 years
  • compatibility with any control system
  • oil free, environmental friendliness
  • low power consumption, efficiency 90%

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